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  • Subsidiary and IT Shared Services Arm of Abans Group
    Welcome to the Sirius Technologies Services
  • Subsidiary and IT Shared Services Arm of Abans Group
    Together, we build impactful tech !
  • Subsidiary and IT Shared Services Arm of Abans Group
    Prioritize relationships, not just transactions.
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Integrating technologies into business to fundamentally change operations

Growth Driven

Delivering results and creating a big turnaround in the modern organization.


Creating modern applications that can access from anywhere at any time.


Everyone works for the development of the business in unity and cooperation

All Your Digital Needs In One Place

We are Sirius Technologies Services Pvt Ltd, proud to be the IT arm and fully owned subsidiary of Abans. Our dedication lies in providing comprehensive supply chain management systems for Abans' daily operations. Additionally, we've developed Sri Lanka's prominent e-commerce platforms, Buyabans and Bigdeals. Our mobile applications enhance Abans' efficiency, while our 24/7 customer service, managed through our diligent help desk team, ensures seamless support. We take pride in efficiently managing Abans' infrastructure and networking systems. With a team of knowledgeable developers and analysts, we offer tailored solutions.

How we work, and what we strive for.
  • Striving for digital leadership, prioritizing customer satisfaction, innovation, teamwork, and growth as core values defining our company culture

    • Carefully analyzed requirements
    • Secure and scalable solution that works fast
    • International exposure
    • Maintenance and support
    • 24X7 Chat Support
    • Stand-out, easy-to-navigate UI & UX design
    • Responsive designs

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Our services and expertise

By providing high quality, cost-effective services out of our state-of-the-art Research & Development Centre in Sri Lanka, we help our clients grow and become more profitable.

Software & Mobile Development
Using a methodology built on Agile principles we effectively manage distributed software development across geographies and time-zones.
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is an integral part of our development process and is also provided as a separate, stand-alone service..
IT Infrastructure Management
We manage a broad spectrum of enterprise infrastructure including data servers, networks, databases, and specialised applications such as enterprise search services.
24/7 Support
Our Helpdesk and technical support services ensure end-users are provided timely assistance to resolve software and IT-infrastructure issues.
What our clients say
  • A provider of home-grown end to end ERP solution covering all verticals of Supply Chain from sourcing of raw materials to reverse logistics. A company with core deliverables based on reliability, agility and versatility embracing state of the art technology to provide actionable data and information at both operational and management levels.

    Channaka De Alwis
    Mr. Channaka De Alwis
    CEO of Abans Logistics
  • Sirius has been particularly effective in devising innovative and pragmatic solutions for a diverse range of operations, going beyond the realms of resource management and incorporating distinct tailor made features that enhance our operational performance. As such their suite of solutions comprehensively provides an end-to-end service, beginning from material sourcing/vendor management; to production management; to sales/distribution and finally to aftersales management all in an effective package that is agile enough to incorporate future enhancements in keeping with the volatility of business and technologies.

    Amanda (Ruchith) Gooneratne
    Mr Amanda (Ruchith) Gooneratne
    Director Of Operations at Abans Auto (Pvt) Ltd (Hyundai Sri Lanka - Automobile Assembly)

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